Wisdom Video

The goal of this page is to bring meaningful video content to our members and viewers. The videos are included on the basis of their practical value in the domains of wisdom, insight, and optimal living.

See our page at YouTube. The Wisdom Library at YouTube

Wisdom Interviews

Thinking Allowed

On Faith and Reason

Wisdom Documentaries

The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell)

The Wisdom of Faith (Huston Smith)

Civilisation (Kenneth Clark)

The Ascent of Man (J. Bronowski)

Wisdom Film

Wisdom Film at YouTube

Wisdom Lectures

The Great Courses (Formerly known as The Teaching Company)

FORA.tv contemporary issues

TED.com talks by topic

Wisdom People

Erich Fromm

Huston Smith

Manly P Hall

Joseph Campbell


Motivational Wisdom

You Were Born Rich DVD Seminar by Bob Proctor

Earl Nightingale

Archives, Collections, Publishers of Wisdom-related Videos

Elda Hartley - Many Paths (Video Collection)

Gemstone Audio-Visual

Vedanta Society Video Catalogue

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