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Welcome to the Wisdom Nutrition page at TheWsdomLibrary.com. Our goal on this page is to provide links to the most empowering and up-to-date, scientific, statistically-based and professionally presented information and case experience sharing in the fields of Nutritional Science and Nutritional Medicine. Whether you are looking to lose excess weight, tone up, revitalize, detoxify, or to prevent or recover from illness or simply enhance and improve overall well-being, these are the types of information we will be linking up to here.

For specific questions on nutrition, we highly recommend visiting nutritionfacts.org. Dr. Michael Greger, MD, is the founder and main contributor to the site which features videos and blogs based on thorough ongoing analysis of the scientific research databases of published and peer-reviewed research on various aspects of nutrition and medicine. The website can be searched by food, nutrient, or disease condition to find a wealth of relevant information. Recently Dr. Greger has also published a book based on his many years of research. The title is How Not to Die, and it discusses the relevant evidence on the top fifteen most common causes of death in the United States.

Another website of note is drfuhrman.com. It is the website of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD. Doctor Fuhrman's approach to nutrition focuses on the maximization of micro-nutrients (such as phytonutrients, flavinoids, naturally-occurring vitamins etc.) contained in unprocessed or minimally processed nutrient-dense plant foods. By learning to distinguish between the foods with the most micro-nutrients per calorie, it empowers the 'Nutritarian' to feed the immune and vital systems of the body without overloading the digestive system or overfeeding with excess macro-nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates). By learning and choosing the micro-nutrient dense foods, all of the body's nutritional needs are met and thus satiation occurs easily without overeating or over-consumption of nutrient-poor, calorie-dense food. Dr. Joel Fuhman is the author of several bestselling books based on his research, and medical practice where he has seen countless people drastically improve their lives through adoption of Nutritarian way of eating. Super Immunity, Eat to Live and Eat for Health are books that detail how and why the Nutritarian lifestyle is so effective in the recovery and maintenance of optimal vitality.

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