Wisdom Audio

Welcome to our Wisdom Audio page! The people and audio recordings listed here are warmly recommended by our members who have personally benefited from them and found them to be of exceptional value in the pursuit of wisdom. We do not necessarily agree with everything all of these speakers say but we definitely find wisdom, and food for thought herein.

Motivational and Self-Help Wisdom

Free New Thought Audio Books at Archive.org

Bob Proctor - Author of motivational program "You Were Born Rich"

Earl Nightingale - Author of many excellent motivational works

Rhonda Byrne - Author of "The Secret" and "The Power"

Wayne Dyer - Author of numerous motivational works

Religious, Spiritual or Philosophical Lectures

Alan Watts - Author of many philosophical works

Ken Wilber - Author of important works on Integral Theory

Manly P Hall - founder of the Philosophical Research Society

Osho - Author of many talks on philosophy and contemporary wisdom

Ram Dass mp3s at Amazon

Houston Smith mp3s at Amazon

Wisdom of Socratic Dialogues and Socratic Method

Christopher Phillips

Wisdom Music

Wisdom Music at Youtube

Wisdom Salsa

Wisdom Digable Planets

Wisdom Ramsey Lewis

Wisdom Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes

Wisdom Marvin Gaye

Wisdom Idris Muhammad

Wisdom Reggae Dub

Wisdom Stevie Wonder

Wisdom Grover Washington Jr.

Wisdom Soul Funk Rare Groove

Wisdom 80's Funk

Wisdom Keith

Wisdom Hip Hop

Wisdom Drum

Collections, Archives, Publishers of Wisdom-related Audio

Gemstone Audio-Visual - Archive of Spiritual Wisdom

Vedanta Press - A Great Source for Indian Wisdom

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