Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Some of the most ancient Chinese wisdom texts are still highly influential on people's minds today. The Yijing (I Ching or Book of Changes) is considered by many to be the oldest Chinese wisdom text. The Laozi Daodejing (Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching) is another ancient wisdom text of great interest to many seekers of wisdom. Combined with the later Zhuangzi, these two texts formed the basis for Dao School philosophy and Daoist Religion. Yin Yang philosophy was one of many schools of thought in ancient China whose ideas were also very influential and were incorporated into Chinese wisdom traditions.

Similar to ancient Greece, There were certain periods such as the Zhou Dynasty in China where many formative schools of thought contended for an influence on the Chinese mind. Around the same time as Laozi Daodejing was written, Confucius was writing and teaching his students his philosophy which used the Zhou canons of history, poetry and ritual as a foundation. Later his students and students of his students also wrote books on his philosophy and teachings.

Mozi, Xunzi, Mengzi (Mencius), and Hanfeizi were also among the most influential of early philosophers.

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