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Wisdom in the Americas starts from prehistory in the myths, legends and descendants of the native peoples.The Incas, The Mayans, the Hopi and countless other First Nations across the Americas are known for their wisdom, which needs to be acknowledged and better understood. Chief Seattle is remembered for his wisdom in regards to the co-dependency of the human and natural worlds, and thus for the nurture of healthy ecosystems. This was at a time when industrialization was in its infancy and hadn't caused anywhere near the degree of problems which the world is only beginning to awaken to now that so many natural resources are polluted and species extinct. The city of Seattle in Washington state was named in honor of him.

The vast area of the Americas, the diverse terrain, and the desire of settlers and immigrants for freedom, independence and liberty have contributed immensely to human wisdom and human values around the world. The values of individuals making a life for themselves according to their inner faith rather than being a slave to external socially enforced destinies has led to great creativity and productivity in many ways.

The Declaration of Independence,The Constitution and The Bill of Rights of the United States of America demonstrated the wisdom and vision of those who came from Europe to settle in what was known as the New World. They envisioned that the future of this land should be a New Atlantis. A land of wisdom, freedom and abundance for all.

Authors that have looked at wisdom in the Americas in detail include Philosophical Research Society founder Manly Palmer Hall and the American philosopher Jacob Needleman. Manly Palmer Hall has written several books on America's origin and destiny, whilst Needleman has written deep, yet accessible philosophical inquiries into the nature of the American soul.

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