Wisdom Investing

Welcome to the Wisdom Investing page at the Wisdom Library! Below are introductions to some key online resources for our ongoing development of investment wisdom.

Investopedia is an educational site with both encyclopedic style explanations of investment related terms, and step by step study materials all offered free of charge. Another useful tool offered by Investopedia is their virtual trading program, which allows users to test out trading strategies without risking real money. http://www.investopedia.com/

The next website is investors.com, the homepage of the Investor's Business Daily newspaper. They are a great resource for both new and veteran investors, offering in depth fundamental and technical reports on American stocks. http://www.investors.com/

Online Option is a website under the direction of Dr. Stephen Cooper. Dr. Cooper or Dr. C as he is known by students, offers step by step instruction from absolute beginner to advanced technical analysis through this site. Learning materials include textbooks and multimedia which can be accessed online, as well as webinars and private coaching. The 'War Room' forum and live online chat room are places where members can connect and share insights. http://www.onlineoption.com/

OptionsXpress.com is an online broker specializing in options. They offer many tools and educational resources for trading options on stocks and futures. http://www.optionsxpress.com/

Interactive Brokers is another online broker, specializing in international trading of almost every kind of product that can be traded in all of the world's major markets. Low fees, smart execution, wide variety of order types and customizable trading platform are their strengths. http://www.interactivebrokers.com/