Wisdom Education

Children's Education

Do children need wisdom education? Absolutely! Childhood is a critical time in our lives for laying the foundations upon which much of our life's work must be accomplished. Educating our children and providing for their developmental needs without harming or decreasing their natural wisdom, abilities and intuition is one of the most difficult and yet most pressing tasks for humanity to undertake if we are to bring about universal enlightenment within the next few generations and avoid all kinds of wars and social problems which are often caused by poor education practices in raising our children. Most people would agree that wisdom is important for educating the whole person, yet not all educational institutions take wisdom education seriously.

When choosing an educational path for children consider your options carefully.

Here are some alternatives to the conventional public or private schools:

Montessori method at Wikipedia

Waldorf education at Wikipedia

Homeschooling at Wikipedia

Distance Education at Wikipedia

University Programs

Undergraduate Studies

For those at all inclined towards pursuing a university education, I would fully endorse doing so. From the webmaster's personal experience it has been a great blessing to have received a degree from a top tier university through studying many interesting (and some boring, but still somehow applicable) subjects and courses. I would recommend to those thinking of studying a bachelor's degree to apply for the best schools, professors and programs that you can find and get into. I would start with the top universities in the world such as Harvard and do your best to get the education there. If this is not feasible then work your way down the list of top universities in the world until you find one that best suits your needs and goals.

Graduate Studies

For graduate studies, other than the top universities there are also some graduate institutes and programs specifically designed for wisdom education.

The University of Philosophical Research offers MA programs in Conciousness Studies and Transformational Psychology .

Pacifica Graduate Institute www.pacifica.edu offers MA and PhD programs in depth psychology. They are home to the OPUS Archives and Research Center www.opusarchives.org which holds rare works on mythology and depth psychology from Joseph Campbell's personal collection.

Integral Institute http://www.integralinstitute.org/ Integral Institute offers post graduate certificate and MA programs on Integral Theory as developed by Ken Wilber. Wilber and his many high profile associates at Integral Institute have been developing Integral Theory to bring all theories back together to mutually inform and enrich human life. Integral theory can help people in any field to recognize and draw on the strengths of other fields to enhance performance and harmony in any environment.

Integral Studies at JFK University

Lifelong Wisdom Education Integral Theory

Integral Theory as described by Ken Wilber and others at the Integral Institute can be studied online at https://www.coreintegral.com/programs/courses

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