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Hello and welcome to The Wisdom!

This website is dedicated to providing the highest quality content to seekers of wisdom around the world. I am certain that those who peruse this web site will find a wealth of useful and life-changing wisdom that is of immense value and full of positive transformation potential for people of all different backgrounds.

The goal I am setting out to achieve through this website is simple: Make the best of all wisdom and holistic knowledge available to as many people on the planet as possible. To enable as many as possible to achieve as much positive transformation in their lives as possible in the shortest possible time.

By positive transformation I mean in terms of achieving total well-being of the whole person in body, mind and soul.

To achieve this lofty aim, this site will discuss and promote any form of information, people, resources or tools which have been helpful to the site's members in bringing about positive transformation in their lives.

Explore the many different avenues offered here for mutually developing our individual and collective wisdom:

The Wisdom Library Updates

The Wisdom Library Updates

Wisdom Education

Wisdom Education -Where to formally study Wisdom for credit

Wisdom Video

Videos for learning about Wisdom and Optimal Living

Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio - Audio for Wisdom and Optimal Living

Wisdom Books

Wisdom Books - Books for Wisdom and Optimal Living

Chinese Wisdom

Chinese Wisdom to broaden and deepen our minds

Indian Wisdom

Indian Wisdom to enlighten mind and body

American Wisdom

American Wisdom, Wisdom of the Americas

Wisdom People

Wisdom People - Pioneer researchers in Wisdom

Wisdom Investing

Wisdom Investing @ The Wisdom Library

Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom Quotes - Words of Wisdom, Wise Sayings

Wisdom Research

Contemporary research in Wisdom related fields

Wisdom Glossary

Wisdom Glossary - Key Wisdom Terminology